Indian Mutual fund brand

How Indian Mutual Fund Brand Used DataPOEM to Optimize their Customer Intelligent System.

With more than 1.7 Million Mutual fund buyers, the Brand was not able to use its customer data effectively to cross-sell or upsell other products to their existing customers hence the brand approached the DataPOEM to help them to scale their sales to existing customers.
Increse In Engagement Rates
Increse in website traffic from email marketing
increase in selling new funds to existing customers
increase in inquiry to purchasing for new customers.
drop in unsubscribe rate
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Serena Raymond
Serena Raymond
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Input Data

Below is the Data we have taken as an input.

1. Activity data of the previous marketing automation campaigns from email, SMS, and Notifiction campaign.

2. Customer data with all the available segments, age, gender, the fund purchased, avg value, city, date and frequency of purchase, etc

Approach Taken to solve the problem


Since the client is a Mutual fund customer, they don't want their customer data to out of their premises hence we have deployed our Models on top of the client's database to ensure the security of the customer data.

Project Process

The project was divided into 3 stages.

Stage 1

  • Data Integration & prep
  • Data transfer from client
  • Database
  • Data Transformation
  • Cloud Integration

Stage 2

  • Identifying the business use cases
  • Building Models.Building business use cases
  • Identifying the segments
  • Automating the intelligence for delivery

Stage 3

  • Ongoing updating of the models
  • Additional business use cases
  • Monitoring of the performance of the models
  • Fine-tuning the models for accuracy


1. Churn Analysys.

2. Recommending the Top Products based on the user profiles.

3. Recommending New launches to the audience based on the probability of investing new funds.

4. Intelligent segmentation of the audience based on their profiles and identifying the best Funds that best fit for each segment.

5. Customized models to attract new customers. .


1. 35% increase in engagement rates.

2. 63% increase in the website traffic from email marketing.

3. 40% increase in selling new funds to existing customers.

4. 22% increase in inquiry to purchasing for new customers.

5. 28% drop in unsubscribe rate

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