Digital Plug & Play

Agile Planning & Attribution for a cookieless world

Unified & comprehensive causal Attribution

Say bye to cookies (just eat them!)

No more conjectures as to whether the customer’s first or last mile interaction worked! What causes what effect? Which combinations work the best? At what thresholds? Comprehensively understand the direct impact of your digital interventions as well as influence of each marketing activity on sales. No need of cookies. No need to apply “artificial biases” to determine the weights. Real causation-based insights.

Gain insights on Paid + Owned + Earned Media, at one go

Say bye to partial view based decision making

It’s obvious and we all know that - every marketing intervention builds incremental impact, whether it is paid media, social mentions, content or email marketing.

Bye bye postmortem. Welcome dynamic decision making

DataPOEM enables you to understand the interconnected impact of paid media on organic traffic, affiliates et al.

What’s more, DataPOEM also helps the marketing teams to understand the impact of content marketing activities like influencer marketing, blogs, content creation and map these against the business KPIs. To ensure robust insights, DataPOEM also considers key external factors like macro-economic factors, consumer sentiment, competitive actions and other relevant parameters that are specific to respective categories. All of this, in a very dynamic manner.

ROI on Sales Performance,
ROI on Brand Preference

No more partial views like the blind men and the elephant.

Marketing activities impacts not only in the short term but also long-term consumer preferences. It’s important to understand the long-term ROI factors that impacts brand equity, as well as short -term ROI which influences incremental sales. But is that possible? Yes. That’s where DataPOEM’s ROI Module comes in. It helps you to bifurcate the effects of marketing on short-term vs long-term impacts on your brand and helps you fine-tune your future plans.

Granular understanding

No more 30,000 feet insights

DataPOEM’s AI engine uses the most advanced and comprehensive deep learning technique to understand the cause-effect relationships. Bottoms-up approach of understanding the causation helps users not only to visualise the channel level attribution but also at granular ad type and individual campaign levels. DataPOEM’s AI engine measures and analyzes data at every granular step right down to impressions, clicks, video views, engagements, content marketing activities - ultimate goal to understand the contribution of each specific marketing input to sales. As a next step, you can create campaign plan options which will potentially deliver the best results, basis effectiveness + efficiency!

POEM365 –The new robust way of learning real time.

POEM365 is the real-time learning engine that drives the new and comprehensive way of understanding attribution DataPOEM attribution model is based on a proprietary fish bone approach of identifying the causation of multiple factors, individually as well as the interconnected effects on the business outcomes.

DataPOEM AI engine understands the impact of all the marketing activities by distilling out the direct impact as well as the influence (interconnected impact) of each input on sales/KPIs. The learning engine also takes into consideration the lag effect of media and external factors like consumer sentiment and/or negative impact of a competitor’s marketing intervention on your business.


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