Agile Optimization

Welcome to the new world of Omnichannel Planning & Optimization.

Say adieu to Silo Planning

Welcome through-the-line optimization

Imagine the power of measuring all your marketing investments against sales KPI metrics. For example: 20% invested on TV advertising resulted in 18% of sales! Or 15% spent on trade promotions resulted in 22% of sales et al. Our Unified Planning engine optimizes on the business KPI to deliver the most effective and efficient combination of marketing mix and immediately actionable plans.

AI based non-linear optimization is apt for today’s marketplace

No more linear optimization

It’s known that consumers' response to marketing is non-linear. DataPOEM works on the advanced optimization technique called non-linear optimization. Our system identifies the most optimal marketing mix post which there will be a negative return on investments. This minimizes inefficiencies and maximizes marketing ROI.

God is in the details

Say bye to redundant media (however cost-efficient they may be)

You no longer need to buy the media you once thought was working!
Thanks to DataPOEM, you can plan your marketing ROI as a combination of effectiveness and efficiencies at a granular level. Also, in a fragmented marketing eco-system, it is important to know the individual elements and mix that work for your brand. DataPOEM AI engine does exactly that. Through millions of iterations, it analyzes and fathoms the effectiveness and efficiency of the various stimulus combinations. Right down to online impressions, TV spots, video views - to offer you plan options that deliver the best combination of actionable inputs for the most optimized results.

All of this with the ease of Plug & Play

No data drudgery. Pre-loaded data sets, pre-trained models, automated refresh of data.
Get all your answers for the marketing what-ifs with a click of a button

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