Omnichannel Plug & Play

One platform to measure, plan, optimize marketing ROI

Omnichannel Attribution • Agile Planning • Long-term Impact

Say bye bye to postmortems
Say hello to Agile ROI Planning

ROI measurement and planning using DataPOEM is more than just an annual, post facto affair. The continuous learning AI engine helps you to move away from static post facto analysis and insights (most of which can’t be acted upon) to dynamic month-on-month tracking and optimization of marketing investments. Welcome to the Agile ROI Planning.

Result: Enhanced business KPIs with a potential cost savings of 20, 30, 40% ...

Omnichannel Attribution
Comprehensive yet granular

We know that no marketing input or media works in isolation. Combined impact of many marketing inputs (paid or unpaid) result in positive outcomes. DataPOEM considers these interconnected effects in a unified manner from all your marketing inputs: offline + online + organic. (all of Paid, Owned, Earned Media impacts). Platform also helps you to distill out the impact of other causal factors like promotions, pricing changes, product launches as well as the external factors (including that of competition).

Powered by POEM365
Always-on learning engine.

Our real time learning engine can distill & discern the causal impact of different marketing inputs on sales or any other outcome metric. It unravels the cause and effect of data at a granular level, not just at the major investment type level. Hence, as a user you can even know which creative rendition or trade promotion works best!

Understand the ROI on Brand Equity
And short-term incremental sales

No more partial views like the blind men and the elephant.

Marketing activities impact not only the short-term but also long-term consumer preferences. It’s important to understand the long-term ROI factors that impact brand equity, as well as short-term ROI which influences incremental sales. But is that possible? Yes. That’s where DataPOEM’s ROI Module comes in. It helps you to bifurcate the effects of marketing on short-term vs long-term impacts on your brand and helps you fine-tune your future plans.


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