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The broken paradigm of planning and measurement leaves present-day CMO operating in an interconnected world with more FUQs (Frequently Unanswered Questions) than answers.

Any new paradigm which is getting created should address the FUQs related to

  1. Interconnected impact of the activity on one media on the other
  2. Should enable agile and dynamic decision making
  3.  Holistic planning for all marketing inputs
  4. The granularity of the different facets of the investment mix, considering the consumer journey

The new Planning system should answer all the “What ifs” that the marketers grapple with from time to time, before the damage is done, i.e. at the planning stage itself.

Back to The Drawing Board

If the new system were to address all the above requirements, incremental changes or just tweaking a few things of the past will not suffice. It has to be reimagined from the scratch and rules should be “re-written”, to deliver the optimal ROI.

During marketing investment planning, marketing leaders have to deal with zillions of what-ifs to arrive at the optimal plan.

Usually, What if questions range from the strategic level to operational levels. Each answer to a what-if question will invariably add to the overall effectiveness and ROI outcomes.

Re-imagining the approach to solve What ifs

Answering “What ifs are the core of the scientific process. The rigor of answering all the what-ifs makes the scientific process reliable, robust, and accurate.

Our breakthrough approach is to apply the rigor of the scientific process to all marketing What ifs.

This path-breaking new process understands the causality of interconnected media (which micro-level input impacted the KPI outcome by how much) at a granular level by taking into consideration all the marketing inputs and external factors.

Thereby gives answers to all what if possibilities to deliver the optimal ROI for a given target.

The system will learn in real-time, so that the marketers can make decisions on an ongoing basis, with ease. month on month, and not as a post-facto analysis at the end of the year!

Birth of Quick Response Planning – Beginning of no more FUQs

As ROI is becoming the number 1 challenge for CMOs, they need a system that acts as a weapon to make considered decisions in an agile manner.

Our Quick Response Planning (QRP) Solution

Our proprietary deep learning techniques (AI infused with human wisdom) answer the What if Questions of marketing to deliver the robust results. This heralds a new era in marketing investment planning and we call it Quick response planning.

Quick response planning is built on four pillars:

1.   Causality – which inputs at micro-level causes what impact on KPI

2.   Agile Planning – enable generate quick response plans

3.   Forecasting – not just learn, but apply the learning to forecast future outcomes

4.   What if scenarios – allow users to apply their wisdom to iterate with the process

Quick Response Planning (QRP) solves all the questions of marketing leaders, comprehensively to arrive at the optimal investments, optimal media mix, optimal channel mix, best possible promotions et al.

Like how computer heralded the beginning of the end of the old manual based systems, QRP is going to mark the beginning of the end of the broken planning and measurement techniques.

No more FUQs.

Unbelievable? Yes, until you see a demo of

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