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Here’s a list of 20 frequently unanswered questions that marketers deal with when it comes to their marketing investment planning.

1.   which elements of my marketing investments are delivering on incremental sales ?

2.   what is the collective and cumulative effect of all marketing activities on sales?

3.   How much is the impact of TV on digital and vice-versa?

4.   How do I move away from “media-specific metrics” (like CPRP for TV or CPC, CPM for digital) to a more holistic cause-effect metric?

5.   How can I decide the “apt” budget for my marketing investments this year and justify it with strong arguments to the internal stake holders

6.   How do I scientifically allocate budgets for my various initiatives within my marketing mix?

7.   How do I ensure I have a comprehensive marketing plan with both measured and non-measured activities like events, cinema etc. for delivering the KPI

8.   Within each medium what is the best means to invest in the right genre or media vehicle? (Within TV whether entertainment works better or movies? Within Print, English dailies or language dailies and within digital, video formats or SEM?)

9.   What is the comprehensive ROI of the marketing investments – a combination of the present incremental sales delivered as well as the brand momentum and potential  future sales delivered by the marketing campaigns

10. How do I measure impact of BTL activities on my sales? Is it better more in media promotions or in BTL activities? What is the right balance?

11. How do I make my marketing budgets dynamic, mapped to the KPI achievements?

12. Are there tools to assist me in the planning process and track the optimization on a continual basis?

13. How to consider an increase in budget for each medium vis-vis-vis last year?

Is there a structured process to upweight or down weight the proportion of investments in each of the marketing channels and their sub-elements?

14. What is the timeframe for an ad to get worn out? How to discern as to how long a creative copy should be exposed, considering the copy fatigue limits?

15. What is the impact of each micro-level marketing element on the sales outcomes?

16. What is the right balance between “weeks of advertising” and “weeks of silence”? What should be the gaps between these two?

17. What happens if I reduce my ad budget by 30 percent? Will my sales dip by the same proportion?

18. How much can I ax my ad spend without impacting the revenue or growth targets?

19. How should I react to sudden hyperactivity by a competitive brand?

20. Should celebrity endorsement be part of my marketing plan? How to discern the ROI of celebrity endorsement ?

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