Quick Response Planning – Media Planning made for an uncertain world

Traditional media planning assumes an ideal case scenario where there are no surprises. In reality, things change every single day. Quick Response Planning takes into account these uncertainties and constructs multiple scenarios so brands can respond the quickest.

Focused on results and not just media metrics: The point of media planning is to aid growth and not just to optimize budgets

Unified and not siloed: QRP creates a unified plan for mass media, digital and below the line activities like consumer promos, trade promos and events.

Dynamic Scenario Planning linked to business KPI : QRP equips marketers to create dynamic scenarios linked to KPIs so teams can make informed decisions on the way forward

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About US

Data POEM is the world’s first Quick Response Planning platform based on Deep Learning. Developed by a collective of AI experts, marketers, media planners and martech specialists. For marketers who are driven by imagination but limited by the support around them.

Data POEM is to marketers what Jarvis is to IronMan or what Mr Q is to James bond.