Say hello to POEM365

Revolutionary New Way of ROI Attribution,
Optimization and Planning!

Plug & Play

Plan   Optimize   Execute   Measure

Say goodbye to set-in-stone ROI Measurement cycles
Say hello to Agile planning cycles

Always-on learning to answer all the what-ifs!

Proprietary real time learning engine POEM365 understands the impact of your marketing activities on business KPIs

Which marketing channel delivers the best business results? Which creative rendition is aiding that? What if we were to under-index on TV and over-index on digital videos? And within digital, which format of ads is more effective? What is the delta gain from below the line promotions? And much more

Robust attribution and dynamic recommendations

Plug & Play from Day 1

Platform is already loaded with media & representative sales data. Top up with client data in “as is” format and generate outputs with ease

For select categories, we have all the ingredients ready to generate bespoke predictive AI models, thanks to our access to syndicated media data, representative sales data and other relevant data from various sources

Quick refresh of pre-trained models

Comprehensive Attribution

Causal learning technique distills out the individual and interconnected effects of all through-the-line marketing elements, hence plans can roll out basis what works best

No more partial view of what works well or doesn’t! Our platform and proprietary algorithm allows us to consider data inputs comprehensively (Above The Line + Below The Line = Through The Line), across all measured or unmeasured marketing channels

Omnichannel attribution of Paid, Owned, Earned Media

Not just 30,000 feet views Implementable insights

Refine or overhaul your plans through our proprietary non-linear optimization algorithms, resulting in real-time savings even before negotiations! Week on week, month on month

Choose the right marketing mix. No longer do you need to waste precious time and dollars in negotiating with media or any other marketing channels that don’t impact the business metrics. Just use what works

Actionable customized recommendations

e.g. Digital > Channel > Ad type > Campaign
TV > Broadcaster > Genre > Channel > Program
Promotion>Geography>Nature of promo

Data Refresh Automated

190+ APIs constantly collate and refresh data across Paid, Owned, Earned Media and external factors (including competition). On-boarding and data refresh done with ease

Major pain point addressed! Data from multiple sources within organizations as well as external sources can now be collated, organized, cleaned up, formatted and ready to be ingested into our AI platform, quickly.

No more data drudgery

Wisdom of 5000+ models

We have pre-subscribed access to media and sales data for numerous brands
Augment brand ROI models with category specific learnings


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